Live the experience of knowing how to produce coffee in Quindío. You can go coffee crops on La Alsacia Coffee Farm, located in Vereda Palonegro of Buenavista and inspect the quality of the beans, participate in roasting and grinding receiving the most pleasant smell, and prepare your own coffee using beans harvested in the estate.

You can also learning about the customs of the peasants, enjoying the facilities of the farm.

Attractions included in the activity or experience:

  • Natural: River, streams, mountains, bamboo forests, coffee and banana's plantations, fruits and ornamental trees of various sizes, shapes and colors are characteristic expression landscape coffee. Diversity of birds, insects and small creatures that decorate and make sustainable our productive system.
  • Cultural: The customs of the peasants and their ways of living with nature expressed in their homes. How to produce their own food, educate their families, advance their crops and other ways to produce and exchange their products, in addition to it's culture expressed in words and sayings and their artistic and spiritual expressions.
  • Gastronomy: According to the duration of the tour may include breakfast, lunch and "something". The dishes offered are part of the traditional cuisine served coffee in the style of the rural population and collectively with family members and farm workers.

Coffee tour cost: 35.000 COP (lunch include)

In the middle of nature you can make a walking tour where you will have the privilege of witnessing the selection process, drying, and tasting the best soft coffee in the world, coffee Hane. We started the tour in the Buenavista main square, then headed to La Alsacia Coffee Farm, ideal to enjoy numerous coffee plantations and fruit trees that are part of the route instead.

Gaze with good coffee among coffee growing families who work every day for excellence served in cup.

The tour take 3 hours approximately.
Every day at 8:00 am or 2:00 pm.
Start point: Buenavista main square.
Destination: La Alsacia Coffee Farm.
Include: Complete tour around the farm and coffee plantations, welcome coffee cup, juice, lunch or dinner.
Cost: 30.000 COP
Transportation it’s not include.

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